A Greek Fashion Design House in Plaka 

In 1971 the newly established company of the Kourbela family began producing handmade knitwear, available only in Greece. 

The need for creativity and innovation stimulated prevalent forces driving change. At the beginning of the ‘80s, the 2nd generation of the Kourbela family business ensures the best quality of hand made Greek knitted textile fabricated to perfection and opens the first retail store, featuring women’s knitwear at Plaka, the historical center of Athens, Greece. The admirable designs of Kourbela knitwear and superior quality of organic fabrics quickly piqued the interest of international buyers and the Greek Knitwear brand began exporting to Europe, USA and Canada. 

The pivotal year of 2003 introduces the 3rd generation that begins making its mark as Greek fashion designer Ioanna Kourbela takes over the creative department, continuing and evolving the work of the previous generations, with a different product range and new inspirational designs of urban Greek designer clothing. 

Environmentally sustainable and organic fabrics, experimental color composition and form, advanced draping and cutting techniques favor the values of freedom and unisex elegance as Ioanna Kourbela’s philosophy for urban Greek designer clothing lies on the concept that the wearer creates the garment according to their personal vision, adaptable to their mood, event and personal style in the experimental spirit of wrapping and draping, twisting and folding. 

The Basic line experiments with new shapes and organic fabrics to more casual fit featuring many commercially successful past lines. Dictated by versatile, eclectic and multiform fashion all Spring-Summer collections and Autumn-Winter collections of women’s designer clothing and men’s designer clothing challenge traditional norms of clothing. 
The innovative aesthetic, precision and creativity crafting women’s designer clothing and men’s designer clothing complex in texture, and tailoring, magnifies simple lines enriched by striking effects, while an experimental palette remains playful in its execution.


Stylish Urban Greek Designer Clothing

In 2005 the company was reorganized to its current form as Κ3 Wearable Thinking. The three new concept retail stores of the Greek fashion designer Ioanna Kourbela were introduced in the picturesque neighborhood of Plaka in Greece, a renovated Basics Shop with the timeless women collection, an Exclusive Shop with women designer clothing and Male Shop, holding men designer clothing. The headquarters were relocated to Argyroupoli, featuring state of the art production lines, offices, showrooms and warehouse with more than 30 permanent employees and several external partners, who share common aesthetics and cerise the values of continuity and innovation when producing seasonal Autumn-Winter collections and Spring-Summer collections. 

Strategic collaborations and partnerships secure common interests and advance core missions of creativity, innovation and craftsmanship, designed to integrate an extensive variety of products by converging the highest quality standards in all market segments, variety and consumer satisfaction. 

Greek Designer Fashion Goes Worldwide

Driven by the increased demand the K3 Wearable Thinking fashion company continues to expand its network of retail points of sale in Greece and its wholesale distribution network to international markets with exclusive distributers and agents in over 23 countries, in Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East and Russia while offering opportunities for exclusive fashion franchise of Greek designer clothing

Aiming to strengthen the company’s brand and continue to expand in national markets Greek fashion designer Ioanna Kourbela introduces a highly innovative e-shop in 2012, featuring the original knitwear styles from Basic collection and exclusive men and women’s designer clothing collections. 

International consumers and fashion enthusiasts can browse and shop Ioanna Kourbela online while exploring the latest trends in women and men’s designer clothing and the visionary design approach of all Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter collections.


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